Designing conscious value chains
We designed a marketing strategy for small producers and opened new points of sale.
Roles and team:
  • Social innovation strategy: Gabriela Reygadas
  • Business design and experience / Client relations: Fernando Lazalde
  • Business design: Fabiola Leyva
  • :
  • Deliverables:
  • We projected more than 2 million pesos in annual earnings for the cooperative
  • We projected 65 thousand pesos in monthly earnings per franchise
  • We projected more than 50 new jobs
  • Fomento Social Citibanamex approached us to create marketing strategies for products made by cooperatives in the domestic market. They’re an organization that seeks to reduce the social inequality gap through development projects.

    In the first iteration we worked with Majomut, an organic coffee cooperative from Chiapas that faced challenges to enter the market of roasted coffee in Mexico due to competition from major brands and an overcrowding of the main sales channels. We carried out extensive field research, interviewing coffee producers and consumers, as well as a complete study of the value chain, with visits to the plots and points of sale.



    El resultado es la creación de un nuevo modelo de negocio responsable de la venta del café de la cooperativa a través de puntos de venta móviles. Actualmente estamos por implementar el piloto del proyecto.


    We identified a strategic opportunity that we tackled with a co-creation approach, getting some of Majomut’s partners involved in the conceptualization of a solution that would be aligned with their values and goals.


    The result is the creation of a new business model in charge of the sale of the cooperative’s coffee through mobile points of sale. We are currently implementing the pilot phase of the project.

    “Cirklo is an experienced team that helps us formulate, structure and plan our ideas better to make internal as well as external sales. They also help make our lives crazier.”


    Fulvia Morales
    Community Relations Manager – Citibanamex
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