Development of a communication strategy
We developed a new communication strategy for the company to unify, facilitate and streamline interaction with its insurance brokers.
Roles and team:
  • Project Management / Strategic Design : Miguel Melgarejo
  • Innovation Strategist : Valentina Abalzati
  • Strategic Design : Lucy Cruz
  • Deliverables:
  • GMX has successfully implemented different parts of the strategy, greatly improving the way they interact and communicate with their insurance brokers. Their ongoing efforts run in sync with what was laid out in the strategy. We are currently supporting them in different projects that arise from the strategy and the good results they’ve gotten from its implementation.
  • GMX Seguros se acercó a Cirklo expresando la necesidad de generar una mejor experiencia para sus agentes en las dinámicas de comunicación con la empresa, esto con el objetivo de fortalecer la lealtad hacia la aseguradora y por ende más volumen de negocio.

    Through in-depth interviews and joint work sessions, we gained a deep understanding of the company’s various communication needs and its agents. We mapped the current communication processes and identified different profiles in the decision and use of certain communication tactics.

    We established criteria to classify the different messages of the company and specific strategies for the short, medium and long-term implementation of each one.

    Cirklo has been a great strategic partner who has helped us find new development opportunities to have better communication with insurance brokers. They’ve always focused on finding practical solutions that are easy to implement.“.

    Raúl Tapia
    New Business Manager – GMX
    Other projects

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