Cirklo – Meaningful Innovation

We share purposeful innovation one person at a time.


We are the leading innovation consultancy firm in business transformation and social impact. We are comprised of an experienced team that is committed to making a change in the world.

Together we create projects, services and platforms that drive positive changes in our environment. We believe in collaboration, commitment, laughter and good conversations.

Unleash impact

At Cirklo we don’t talk about impact, we live it.

We want to be part of the best companies FOR the world, which is why we are a Certified B Corp. We pursue thorough standards of management and transparency and use the strength of the market to solve social and environmental problems.

We are members of the Unreasonable Institute Mexico. We belong to the first generation of leading companies in the country that solve the most pressing social problems.

Social Innovation Strategist
Lau is an Innovation and Design Engineer with a degree in Project Management Engineering from Panamerican University. Her work experience includes business development, social projects, sustainability, graphic and industrial design and project management. Her interest lies in developing new tools, methodologies and resources that help propel our social and environmental activities by aligning them to the Sustainable Development Agenda.
Julio understands innovation in a systemic manner and uses this vision to bring out the best in every person and opportunity at Cirklo. Reluctant to accept the established norms, he questions and provokes the team’s imagination to develop opportunities that transcend the norm.
Institutional Development
Manuel is an internationalist who found a path to build initiatives that promote sustainable development through innovation. Persuaded by the power of collaboration, he is a great networker and heads the area of Institutional Development, spearheading the development of collective agendas.
Director of Business Development
Dani connects our clients and allies’ vision with our skills to design purposeful projects. Her strength lies in creating solutions that push people and organizations to reach their full potential.
Strategic Design
Lucy is always seeking to shape strategies through processes and structure. She believes in design as a tool to identify unresolved problems and create solutions with real impact.
Project Development
Gabo designs processes that give stability and dynamism to the teams, helping the business stay on track. His purpose at Cirklo is to sow seeds of change that are economically and socially profitable.
Culture and Intelligence
Adriana tracks the pulse of innovative changes that emerge around the world and weaves this knowledge into all of Cirklo's initiatives. She leads the development of an invigorating and collaborative culture, inspiring us to be more inquisitive and disruptive.
Director of Innovation
Miguel has worked in Mexico, the Netherlands and India. He has designed everything from consumer products, to services and toilets. His passion is to make significant things for society, which is why he joined Cirklo.
Social Innovation Leader
Through design, Gabi incorporates her reflective analysis to different projects, envisioning opportunities with her ability to make the complex simple. She understands innovation through the ever-changing social and cultural contexts that impact our lives.
Innovation Strategist
Valentina has trained to be cunning in the process of researching, synthesis and analysis. Italian, sociologist and an internationalist political scientist, she finds the new in the typical and the disruptive in the traditional, all in an effort to understand it better.
Innovation Strategist
Carlos, a faithful believer in technology, always finds solutions to optimize our projects’ operations. His extensive experience addressing art and cultural management needs allows him to lead these unique and agile processes.
Experience Strategy Leader
Mariana moves within the realms of design, business, future perspective and multi-cultural traditions of self-discovery. She’s a catalyst of teams and projects. She helps us to design experiences and communicate our purpose.
Education Specialist
David knows firsthand that education has the power to transform lives. He founded and promotes educational projects and social endeavors in Latin America. As an educator and political scientist, he looks for the intersection between innovation and the social sector.
Innovation Strategist
Dan is an industrial designer who is passionate about strategy development and social innovation. He’s great at playing around with unrelated subjects. By uniting these different pieces, he manages to make sense of the information to develop systemic, human and intelligent solutions.
Innovation Strategist
Fa is passionate about understanding humans. She firmly believes in the premise that people would create friendlier systems if they understood that this is the most important pillar of the economy of the future. She provides the team with systemic thinking and a great ability to synthesize.
Design Strategist
Boo is a designer and illustrator from Mexico City. He creates purposeful design with tools and methodologies that build strong links between organizations, their users and the market. His other passions include photography, music, tacos and hip hop battles.