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Reynaldo Martínez

Educational Technology Coordinator - FEMSA Comercio

"Cirklo has helped us redesign and innovate our work method, continuously focusing on user experience, with an excellent understanding of our needs as a business."

Casilda de Ovando

Enactus México, Small Producers Project Leader - Walmart Foundation

“Cirklo has a great way of giving meaning to things. They’re able to set processes in place so ideas can be carried out. They’re very good at narrowing down a thousand ideas into activities."

Ramsés Gómez

CEO - Sistema B México

"Cirklo epitomizes the global commitment of certified B Corps that are driving the new economy, not only through their products and services, but intentionally by how they do it. Cirklo is a company that creates social impact from the integrity of its model."

Fulvia Morales

Community Relations Manager – Citibanamex

"Cirklo is an experienced team that helps us formulate, structure and plan our ideas better to make internal as well as external sales. They also help make our lives crazier."

Ariana Gómez

Chief Innovation Officer – Gentera

"It was fun and different to work with the Cirklo team. They narrowed down ideas, needs and loose ends into an easy-to-use, friendly and very clear methodology. Thanks to our partnership with them, our organization had an impressive takeoff in open innovation that continues to deliver results to date."

This is what we do

We know that innovation is challenging and uncertain. Learn more about how we can assist you through our projects, impact and services.


We create a positive impact for your business, collaborators and the wider network in which you operate.


We create a positive impact for your business, collaborators and the wider network in which you operate.

NGOs and social enterprises

We strengthen your high impact initiatives through innovative business tools and processes.


We facilitate collaboration efforts between government and different civil society actors to reach consensus and create greater impact.

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