Cirklo – Meaningful Innovation

We design the world we want to live in.


Our commitment is to be a driver of positive change. We’ve scaled the amounts we co-invest in projects that drive the ecosystem of social impact in Mexico:
2015 - $400,000 MXN
2016 - $1,200,000 MXN
2017 - more than $1,200,000 MXN

We design initiatives at the intersection of the private, public and civil sectors. We build collective understanding, engagement and knowledge with people who inspire us to create new sustainable economic, social and environmental models.

3 areas of impact

We deliver our mission through our methodology of purposeful innovation:

Looking ahead to 2030, our vision is to create value with projects that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the following areas.

Quality education
Inclusive economies
Sustainable communities

Quality education

We strive to turn education into a true driving force of social change by promoting the creation and access to high-quality educational environments regardless of socioeconomic, language, gender or cultural factors.

Inclusive economies

We create models that help us shape future jobs, promote inclusion by creating shared spaces that are more equitable, so that all parties involved can benefit to the greatest extent possible.

Sustainable communities

No resource has a beginning or an end, merely life cycles. We work to create circular models with more sustainable life cycles, taking into consideration the human interactions surrounding them.

Impact strategies
  • Shared value
  • Inclusive business models
  • CSR strategies
  • Impact scaling