Creation of a handbook for inclusive recycling
We facilitated the development and deployment of inclusive recycling projects to be replicated worldwide.
Roles and team:
  • Collaboration strategy: Julio Salazar
  • Model design and development: Susana Tort
  • Support for content development: Fabiola Leyva
  • Project management / Content development and conceptualization / Contact with client: Miguel Melgarejo
  • External ally / Contact with client / Content development: Malu Luque
  • Deliverables:
  • Promote various projects that are currently underway worldwide
  • Danone Ecosystem is an international fund that finances inclusive projects that strengthen and create a positive impact in the local ecosystems where the company operates. They approached Cirklo to design a practical handbook given their interest in having a model that facilitates the development of inclusive recycling projects.


    We gained a deep understanding of Danone’s vision, goals and needs in order to address the challenge. We integrated the findings from the lessons shared by the group’s Project Managers and other key players to design and document a new model that allows for the creation, implementation and scaling of inclusive recycling projects to empower the workers who collect plastic.

    We included the following tools and knowledge into the design of the handbook:

    • The global recycling ecosystem – circular economy and systems thinking.
    • A concept, development, testing and implementation guide to develop recycling projects.
    • Guidelines to transform the company’s production cycles.


    Using tools stemming from different methodologies, such as design thinking, lean processes, systematic thinking, among others.


    The result was the Handbook for Inclusive Recycling, a living document aligned with Danone’s vision that will be used in more than twenty projects worldwide; its goal: to impact communities at a local and national level.

    “They managed to successfully condense years of work, experience, knowledge, successes and failures in a single document that is clear, organized, accessible and ready to use.”

    Igor Chauvelot
    Circular Economy Manager - Plastics - Danone
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