Defining a purposeful culture
We defined the organization’s raison d'être to impact its internal communication strategy, methodologies and culture.
Roles and team:
  • Project management / Tool design: Fabiola Leyva
  • Strategic design / Maker: Gabriela Reygadas
  • Innovation strategy / Tool design: Valentina Abalzati
  • Deliverables:
  • Field research for all team members and stakeholders: 15 interviews
  • Co-creation sessions with the Someone Somewhere team
  • Culture handbook
  • Internal inspiration artifacts
  • Immersive closing session
  • Someone Somewhere is a startup that has experienced significant growth in the last two years, both in terms of impact and infrastructure, as well as its business model. To deal with this scenario and the changes it entails, they needed to define an internal purpose that resonated with the team and made an impact on a suitable work culture that was aligned with their business vision and raison d'être.

    To achieve this, we conducted one-on-one interviews with all the team members and key stakeholders; we also held a co-creation session with archetype exercises, creation of future scenarios, among others. This is how we determined the structure and processes that resulted in an improved interaction among its members, modeling the desired behaviors and deploying capabilities such as: assertive communication, creative resolution and accountability.

    The project ended with an immersion where the members had the opportunity to experience a culture that allowed them to model their own and translate their knowledge and skills into a critical path that was actionably feasible. In addition, they were given an artifact for internal use based on their creative and imaginary process to build trust, motivation and a sense of belonging.


    “They’re a very comprehensive agency. They pushed us to do things better thanks to what they gave us. Our organizational dynamics have totally changed. Our meetings are much more efficient.”

    Fátima Álvarez
    Community Development, Work with Artisans and Impact - Someone Somewhere
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