Designing brand and communication strategies
We understood the users' needs, perceptions and motivations to design a communication experience.
Roles and team:
  • Project management / Innovation strategist: Lucy Cruz
  • Innovation strategist: Valentina Abalzati
  • Innovation strategist: Fabiola Leyva
  • Deliverables:
  • Three workshops with 30 traditional, edgy and expert users
  • Insights bank for the brand and business model they seek to influence
  • Natura and Maker Brands approached Cirklo to jointly understand the vision of Mexican users regarding the following topics: beauty, culture and sustainability. This was done with the purpose of designing a strategy and suitable channels of communication.



    We designed and quickly iterated generative workshops. Alongside experts, we explored how the concepts of beauty, nature and sustainability are evolving in Mexico and how this will be reflected in future behaviors; all of this was done in a generative session.





    We validated these trends with edgy users, proving that theoretical intuitions are reflected in behavioral patterns.




    We then validated with more traditional users, noticing how, in their case, they also profiled behaviors geared towards the previously detected trends.




    We developed an insights bank and strategic recommendations for the client, which they used to create the communication strategy for Mexico through audiovisual materials and social media.

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