Management model for innovation
We designed the innovation department, its methodology and internal processes, and trained its new team.
Roles and team:
  • Project Management / Facilitation: Miguel Melgarejo
  • Strategy / Facilitation: Susy Tort
  • Facilitation: Daniela Martínez, Manuel Meneses
  • Strategy / Client Relations / Facilitation: Gabriel Martinez
  • Deliverables:
  • Trained an innovation team with its own custom methodology
  • Innovation handbook for the team
  • Innovation management model
  • A new financial service ready to test
  • Grupo Gentera is composed of Banco Compartamos, the largest microcredit bank in Latin America, and seven companies that promote financial inclusion and provide services to the base of the pyramid in Mexico, Peru and Guatemala. They approached Cirklo seeking to build the foundations to strengthen their innovation capabilities and create new solutions for their clients.





    Our starting point entailed understanding the organization, its market and the complexity of the sector. We conducted interviews with the leaders of different areas to improve our understanding, build consensus and lay out the organization’s first joint vision on innovation. This alignment was the focal point to design of an innovation strategy in line with the characteristics and needs of the group.

    Subsequently, we developed a management model for innovation that includes processes, guides and execution tools that allow the organization to implement, evaluate and improve its innovation efforts. Finally, we trained the new innovation team to adequately execute the strategy and guided them through the development of the first functional pilot of a new financial product for their clients.



    By closely collaborating with them, we defined the group’s new innovation strategy to focus and develop the criteria for new innovation processes as well as open innovation, and to guide the group’s efforts.


    Thanks to the foundations we laid out with Gentera, they have one of Mexico’s most important innovation departments, gaining increasing confidence and credibility within the company, as well as greater presence and leadership in Latin America’s Fintech industry.



    “It was fun and different to work with the Cirklo team. They narrowed down ideas, needs and loose ends into an easy-to-use, friendly and very clear methodology. Thanks to our partnership with them, our organization has had an impressive takeoff in open innovation, one that continues to deliver results to date.”

    Ariana Gómez
    Chief Innovation Officer - Gentera
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