Redesigning recruitment processes
We rethought OXXO’s recruitment process by focusing on the user.
Roles and team:
  • Project management / Strategic design / Facilitation: Miguel Melgarejo
  • Innovation strategist / Ethnographic information analysis / Facilitation: Valentina Abalzati
  • Innovation strategist / Ethnographic information analysis / Facilitation: Fabiola Leyva
  • Strategic design: Susy Tort
  • Deliverables:
  • Ethnographic research in: Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla and Ciudad Juárez
  • Co-creation session with recruitment leaders
  • Material redesign for external communication (graphs and digital material)
  • Material redesign to implement the recruitment process
  • Presentation for internal sales
  • Graphic display of the future vision of the process
  • We reduced the process from 4 days to 1
  • We accomplished having 1 recruiter do the work that was previously done by 4
  • OXXO REOP approached Cirklo with the need to redesign its recruitment process in order to cover the large number of job vacancies and increase the attraction and retention of talent.

    In order to achieve this result, we conducted extensive field research, tagging along with recruiters to experience the recruitment process firsthand and to better understand the characteristics of each city, the local initiatives, communication materials, culture and tools. In addition to this research, we had a session with the recruitment leaders to identify the challenges, incentives and opportunities for improvement.



    We analyzed these findings to comprehensively redesign the new recruitment process based on empathy with the user and the digitalization of processes, providing human-level benefits such as satisfaction and empowerment, reducing time, and optimizing the value of interactions.

    “Cirklo is a great ally. Not only do they reflect complex processes in a simple manner, but they’re always empathetic and flexible with us; I really liked the follow-up and support they gave us for internal sales.”

    Yolanda Parra
    Recruitment and Selection Manager
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