Skills development for small producers
We strengthened the value proposition and shopping experience of small producers.
Roles and team:
  • Project management / Training design / Facilitation: Gabriela Reygadas
  • Training design / Creative concept / Facilitation: Carlos Sandoval
  • Training design / Tools / Facilitation: Susy Tort
  • Space design and learning strategies / Facilitation: David García
  • Facilitation: Fernando Lazalde
  • Deliverables:
  • Introductory course for small producers of the Walmart Foundation
  • Duration: six days
  • Hours taught: 60 hours
  • Open call: 60 producers
  • Participants: 110 small producers
  • We designed a training course in partnership with Todo Retail to introduce small producers to selling at self-service stores, with the purpose of increasing their chances of succeeding as suppliers of one of the largest chains in the world and qualifying for the Walmart Foundation program to place their product in stores at no cost for 1 year.



    During our immersion trips, we noticed that producers always make reference to their family, their cornfield, nature and their legends, in other words, to their immediate environment; they do so to narrow down concepts that are new or unfamiliar to them. We decided to integrate this discovery about their learning process and oral memory to the design of the workshop.

    To do so, we curated the methodology and training tools around the concept of biomimetics. Using group dynamics and exercises that alluded to nature’s processes, we explained the following concepts: customer, market, segmentation, competition, their product’s value proposition and shopping experience, and reinforced each one with case anecdotes and examples of real products sold in self-service chains. The result is especially important for producers who are not proficient in reading and writing Spanish.


    “It was wonderful! We learned to give a value proposition to our products and the chance to market them. We’re very thankful for all the lessons learned.”

    Aldo Guevara Ayon
    Small Producer – CALORMAX Ecological stoves
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