Design of an innovation methodology starting with an experimental culture
Creamos el modelo de innovación interno de Sura.
Roles and team:
  • Strategic Project Management: Miguel Melgarejo
  • Strategy and Creative Facilitation: Daniel Zurita
  • Client Relationship: Gabriel Martínez
  • Deliverables:
  • Co-creation sessions for the innovation methodology, individual interviews with key actors of the company and a validation sessions with final users
  • Innovation guide aimed designed for the employees of the company
  • Trainings and follow ups with the Sura Innovation Team
  • Sura is one of the most successful asset management funds in Latin America. With more than 70 years of experience and presence in international financial markets, the company saw the need to implement a way of innovating that would involve the active participation of all its employees.

    For 3 months we worked hand in hand with key actors of Sura to identify the current needs of the financial sector and the culture of the company. We the efforts previously made by the innovation team, as well as the specific objectives of each area to identify the most appropriate way to structure an innovation methodology that could be within the reach of any person in Sura and meet the challenges of the company.

    "An idea kept in silence does not serve for much, innovating is requires inspiring others through sharing your idea, the comments that you give and receive help generate a culture of innovation and collaboration in all the areas of the business."

    As a result, we developed a modular, friendly and flexible guide that can guide anyone through tools and processes to generate, prototype, validate and implement ideas, even without prior knowledge of innovation. The design of the methodology included an incentive program and an agenda of parallel events led by Sura’s innovation team, with the aim of accompanying users and laying the foundations for a culture of innovation that is currently growing steadily in the company.

    “Cirklo is not only a consultant, they become truly part of your team, they are incredibly empathetic and work to understand and solve your needs with impeccable quality and professionalism, I am pleasantly surprised by their talent.”

    Nadia Ornelas
    Innovation Sub-director SURA México.
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