Creation of sustainable impact models
We bring the business perspective closer to CSOs along with a high-impact investment fund.
Roles and team:
  • Business and experience design: Fernando Lazalde
  • Ethnographer and innovation strategist: Valentina Abalzati
  • Innovation strategist and strategic designer: Carlos Sandoval
  • Deliverables:
  • 21 school visits
  • 12 new enrolled students
  • Conversion rate: 57%

    As part of their impact strategies, Promotora Social México seeks to transform nonprofit organizations into social business models. They approached Cirklo to lead two of their beneficiary organizations in that direction.




    In the first pilot, we worked with Tlazochic, a special education institution with more than 40 years of experience that works to improve the lives of people with cognitive disabilities as well as their families.

    The number of students at the Institute decreased by 85% in less than 5 years due to increasing competition.

    We carried out extensive research to understand Tlazochic’s skills and strengths and to define the specific segment where the organization’s strategic opportunity for growth and impact creation lay. Based on this understanding, we re-designed the value proposition, structured a clear message and created a communications strategy through alliances with other institutio




    We developed different sales tools and trained the Institution’s staff to use them to implement this strategy. A few weeks after its implementation, the first results came through.


    Cirklo are people willing to help a company progress, without necessarily being familiar with it, and working hard to see it thrive. They’re truly committed to getting any company to achieve its goals.

    Elsa Espino
    Director of the Tlazochic Institute
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