Training methodology for pharmacies
We developed a training model that relies on learning through playing methodologies.
Roles and team:
  • Project Management / Innovation Strategist: Lucy Cruz
  • Innovation Strategist / User Insight: Fabiola Leyva
  • Innovation Strategist: Carlos Sandoval
  • Deliverables:
  • More than 30 interviews in 3 different cities
  • Two work and validation user sessions
  • Two Train the Trainer sessions to train the team that implemented the methodology
  • Two editions of the handbook
  • The operator of the largest local retail chain in Latin America seeks to position itself as a relevant competitor in the pharmacy sector. One of its biggest challenges is to standardize their customer experience and service. They approached Cirklo to design a methodology and standardized training tools.





    We achieved this by working hand in hand with FEMSA’s training and educational technology teams. Through qualitative research, we identified the seller’s needs, expectations, motivations and challenges. The findings were translated into the design of a learning experience that we validated and strengthened through work sessions with collaborators.




    The results: tools used as a board game to expedite the learning experience and allow sellers to have a better understanding of the operating processes, as well as to develop skills to help them have a greater impact on the customer’s shopping experience.

    To ensure the proper implementation, we conducted training sessions for the corporate teams responsible for putting the new training model in place.



    “Cirklo has helped us redesign and innovate our work method, continuously focusing on the user experience with an excellent understanding of our needs as a business.”

    Reynaldo Martinez
    Educational Technology Coordinator - FEMSA Comercio
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